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Why pre-plan your final expenses?

Pre-planning is a wonderful gift to give your survivors. We can attest to the fact that when family comes in to see us after a loss, they are grateful & relieved. Having your funeral arrangements planned, in order and paid for brings great comfort to both you and your extended family. We understand, it is easy to put off scheduling the time to go to a funeral home and address one’s own mortality, but you can rest assured as it is our job and mission to make the process easy and transparent.


  • We encourage you to shop around, let us prove that we offer the best prices and value.

  • We never charge a fee to help a family with a pre-plan. Not all funeral providers can say this.

  • We offer no-interest payment plans, and you still get the value of the guaranteed price. Many funeral providers do not offer this consumer-friendly approach. 


  • There is a multitude of questions that must be asked and answered when a person passes away. The best person to answer these questions is you. When left to your survivors, you could be adding to, rather than alleviating, the burden and grief they will be feeling.

  • Planning delivers solid direction; your survivors will know what your wishes are. What if your survivors do not agree on what to do? Your plans will alleviate the problems. 

  • The financial responsibility will not be an issue, the relief felt by your family, knowing there is not a bill to deal with is emotionally relieving during a trying time.



  • The State of Iowa allows for a guaranteed contract, making future price increases our concern, not yours.

  • Take advantage of payment plans. There is not an option for payment plans after someone has died, but there is if you pre-plan.  

  • Make decisions without the stress of suffering a loss. This cannot be understated, everyone must make these decisions, do so now with a clear heart and mind.​

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