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From the Desk of Blair Overton:
This page is to assist Social Workers and related end of life caregivers with good information to assist with the care of those families in Hospice care.  Please know that I am available at any time to answer any questions that you may have on behalf of a family.  I can be reached at 515-278-4633
Our end of life companies:


This is the document that allows a family member to have “POA” type authority to make decisions on final disposition.   It can be executed as a stand alone document with the signature of the person who is to pass away along with a notary or two witnesses.  Feel free to contact us with any additional questions, or the current POA can call the attorney who issued the POA document.


Here is a flyer that has been created to give to a family to explain the document  POA Designee flyer


Here is the Iowa Bar Associations Designee for Final Disposition Designee disposition 2019


The first question to ask is the person a Veteran.  If they are a Veteran, then assistance will come from the Commissioner of Veteran Affairs at the County level.  If the person to pass away is not a Veteran, then assistance will come from General Relief at the County level.


There is not a Federal or State Agency that will assist with funeral or cremation expense.


The County with jurisdiction for both is the county where the person who is to pass away resides.


Each County, for both Veteran & General assistance, has their own levels of assistance and protocols for application.


A rule of thumb is to contact a funeral provider in the County where the assistance will come from.  They are more versed in the rules and procedures for helping the family obtain the assistance.


Polk County Veteran Affairs application; Polk Co VA Assistance Application


Polk County General Relief assistance application for direct cremation; Polk County Assistance Cremation Application


Polk County Veteran and General assistance will sometimes look at an application prior to death, but it is intended to be applied for after death.




The Cremation Society of Iowa and Brooks Funeral Care are our lower-cost options in the marketplace, and these brochures can assist in those discussions.   You can at least show the family where prices begin, with the knowledge that there will be other options but this gives them an entry-level idea of expense.


Brooks Traditional Service Pricing:   here

Brooks Cremation Pricing:  here

The Cremation Society of Iowa packages for the Des Moines Metroplex:  here


The Cremation Society serves a radius of around an hour travel time from Des Moines.  There are no extra mile travel fees within a 15-mile radius of Des Moines.  For deaths outside the 15-mile radius the fee is $10 per mile one way.


As always, consultations with one of our funeral directors is available and free of charge.  We do not have a problem with coming to their home, care center or hospice.


Additional pricing information is always available to you or the family, simply request.


We offer a 10% discount off the services selected by families if they are referred to us by a professional end of life caregiver.   Please note, the $850 price referenced for our simple cremation is our lowest possible price point. 


It is important that the family tells us they were referred, we do not require proof, just knowledge that they have been referred.


Here is a form to capture information for the Iowa Death Certificate: Iowa Death Certificate Worksheet

Here is the link to the Iowa Veteran Cemetery application forms: Iowa Veteran Cemetery eligibility

We are a Neptune Provider, if the person in your care has a Neptune Cremation Contract, we will honor the contract.  Simply call us when death occurs.​

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